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GGR Group were recently commissioned to help with the installation of a glazed spray screen along a sea wall at Gimblet Rock Holiday Park in Wales.

P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifter

A UNIC URW-376 was used to lift several 200kg glass panels into place to enable them to be installed into wide aluminium frames along the sea wall. Once the panels were lifted, one of our P11104 glass vacuum lifters was used to help fit them into place to create a defence against sea spray.

Each panel was 2 metres wide x 1.3 metres high, with the intention of a tight fit into the frames for extra protection. The 100mm thick glass panels were installed vertically and then locked into place. The glazed spray screen sits along the top of the sea wall for extra height, meaning that precision and control was key for this job.

Lifting several thick and wide glass panels was a breeze for the UNIC URW-376. Boasting a generous lifting height of 14.9 metres and an impressive lifting capacity of almost 3 tonnes, the glass panels were safely lifted into the necessary position for installation.

With limited space for the mini crane to work its magic, the compact size of the URW-376 deemed to be the perfect fit. The spider crane had to be positioned between caravans with just 3.5 metres of space to work with. Luckily, the URW 367 is just 1.3 metres in width, leaving plenty of room for the manoeuvre with the Powr-Grip P11104 Intelli-Grip vacuum lifter is the ultimate machine for lifting flat, rectangular pieces of glass with its four-in-line suction pads.

Featuring Intelli-Grip technology, this vacuum lifter allows operators to monitor the performance of the lifter and carry out any system diagnostics. Operators are made aware of any issues with the P11104, before or during the lift, with this innovative technology feature. With a lifting capacity of 320kg and a manual tilting from vertical to horizontal feature, there’s no doubt that the P11104 was the perfect lifter to take on this job.

The URW-376 and the P11104 vacuum lifter worked as an incredible team and the installation was completed, leaving the caravans of Gimblet Rock Holiday Park splash free!

For more information on the UNIC URW-376 or the Powr-Grip P11104, click here.

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