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We’re big fans of our UNIC mini spider cranes here at GGR, but we’re not so keen on their eight-legged namesakes. As its Halloween we thought we’d take a closer look at five fascinating facts about real life creepy crawlies.

There are more than 600 species of spider in the UK and 10 UNIC mini crane models ranging from 0.995 tonnes to 10 tonnes in capacity, including the smallest and strongest spider cranes in the world!

Here’s how spiders both great and small measure up to our lifting arachnids…

1.     The Giant Huntsman is the world’s largest spider by leg span
This terrifying looking beast has the longest limbs in the spider world, with a massive 300mm leg span. Our biggest UNIC mini crane, the 10 tonne capacity URW-1006 has a footprint of 7230mm x 6660mm with its four spider-leg outriggers. We think we can guess which super-size spider contractors would prefer to have on their construction site.

2.     The world’s smallest known spider is the Patu marplesi

The microscopic Patu marplesi was discovered in 1965 in Western Samoa . There are not many photographs of this tiny creature as adults only reach a size of 0.43mm, which is roughly the size of this full stop. Our smallest spider crane is the UNIC URW-094, which is a little larger at 595mm wide but still the smallest spider crane in the world and narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway!

3.     Spider’s silk is considered the strongest material in the world

The protein fibre which spider’s produce to create their webs is pound for pound stronger than steel, is stretchy, extremely flexible and lightweight. A single web fibre the length of the Earth’s circumference (25,000 miles) would weigh just 450g and a sheet 2.5cm thick could stop a fighter jet!

Until modern technology can mimic this amazing material, our UNIC spiders will continue to lift heavy steelwork for creating structures as impressive and complex as a spider’s web.  If spider’s silk safety gloves are ever created we’ll definitely be adding them to our range of PPE!

4.       Antarctica is the only continent in the world where you can’t find spiders
UNIC spider cranes haven’t quite made it over to the South Pole yet either. Take a look at our Dealers page to see where you can find official UNIC spider crane distributors in Europe.

5.       Beware the Red Widow!

Whereas our UNIC mini spider cranes have a host of first class safety features to help make lifting operations safe on site, this little red spider is pretty deadly!

The Red Widow Spider, or Latrodectus bishopi, is a relative of the better known Black Widow Spider and is a threatened species in its native Florida. Its distinctive red markings act as a warning to potential predators that it is highly venomous, with its venom being 10-25% more poisonous than that of a rattle snake. It also looks a little like the spider in our UNIC logo!


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