By: Melissa Nichols On: June 30, 2020 In: Blog Comments: 0

GGR’s UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane and a curved P11104 glass vacuum lifter, recently helped lift and place glass revolving doors at a new office building in London.

The curved P11104 glass vacuum lifter features concave shaped pads have a thin edge profile which can mould to the curve of the load, making sure there is full contact with the surface so a vacuum can be created for safe lifting.

This mini crane was fitted with a fly jib for extra reach to allow the glass to be lifted and manoeuvred into its optimum position for installation.

Installing curved glazing can often be viewed as a tricky installation, but here at GGR Group we have the right type of equipment to lift the most complex curved glazing.

For more information on our curved glass vacuum lifters click here.

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