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UNIC URW-546 Mini Spider Crane lifting sections of a Christmas tree inside a shopping centre.

GGR Group was recently commissioned to install a Christmas tree with a unique design at a shopping centre. The tree is made up of giant wooden Christmas cards designed by local primary school children and is the first of its kind on this scale.

The sections are arranged to form a star-like shape with each layer standing at 1.5m tall which made building this Christmas tree challenging due to a combination of sharp edges, a large surface area, as well as the fragility of the structure, but of course this was easy work for GGR’s team of experienced operators.

After an initial site survey, lift plan and risk assessment were completed GGR Group concluded that the UNIC URW-546 Mini Spider Crane was suited for this lifting project.

At just 1.4m wide the URW-546 was able to track through the entryway and atrium with ease with plywood underneath it to protect floor surfaces. Within the exclusion zone, the crane was set up with each outrigger supported by 10 billets and outrigger mats.

UNIC URW-546 Mini Spider Crane lifting sections of a Christmas tree inside a shopping centre.Once the client had assembled the base and tier 1 of the tree GGR could begin preparations for the lift of tiers 2 – 7. With the heaviest load coming in at 390kg and 1.5 metres in height, this project needed a crane that could handle both the versatility and manoeuvrability needed to complete this lift.

With a final height of 11.5m this giant Christmas card tree, this lift required a crane that could handle challenging loads at a height. The URW-546 comes with a max lifting height of 16m which made manoeuvring each tree section simple. Combined with the radio remote control the operator could perform precise movements from the optimum visual position.

This lift was also benefited by the URW-546’s safety features which allowed the operator to perform both the test and real lifts with ease. Fitted with a safe load indicator, overwinding alarm and overload warning alarms the operator can conduct lifting operations in the safest way possible.


GGR Group is commissioned for lifts like this every Christmas as our cranes are the ideal equipment for indoor and challenging Christmas tree installations. Equipped with heavy lifting power without the bulk of the average mobile crane our cranes can perform in places with restricted access. See a similar lift by us here.

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