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DSCN0250GGR’s UNIC mini crane was hired to help mount a large steel sculpture onto a wall at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, UK using its lifting muscle and impressive reach.

A mid-capacity UNIC URW-376 spider crane was used to lift a 530kg steel figure up to a 9 metre height to fix it onto the wall. The artwork by sculptor Joseph Hillier features in the atrium of the hospital’s £32m new Emergency Care Centre.

The 2.9 tonne capacity mini crane had to work with great precision to lift the sculpture by the four lifting points on the figure’s shoulders and fit it into the four holes in the wall. The crane’s compact size meant it could work at a 5 metre radius in the limited space within the hospital’s atrium. At just 1.3 metres wide it could easily access the site through the 2.1 metre tall and 1.8 metre wide doorway.


The sculpture named “Faith” stands at 3.6 metres tall and is made from hundreds of pieces of 4mm stainless steel woven together designed to give the effect of a CT scan.

Joseph Hiller is a nationally renowned artist that lives in the local area and hope that his work can make visiting hospital a less daunting experience for people.

A UNIC URW-376 UNIC mini crane was also hired to lift another man made of steel onto a tall plinth in the middle of a courtyard in Sheffield. Take a look at our sculpture lifting gallery for more examples of our mini cranes handling works of art.



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