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GGR Group has been awarded Silver under the Ministry of Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

This award recognises employers for their support of defence and the armed forces community and their value alignment with the Armed Forces Covenant. GGR Group, the leading provider of lifting solutions, is proud to hold this award as part of the scheme’s efforts to inspire other employers to also support the community.

Consisting of Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards companies that are honoured with these have shown exemplary efforts to offer equal opportunities and flexibility to serving members as well as those who have served previously and their families. Each stage of the award highlights the continued progression each employer is making towards bringing both support and awareness to this honourable scheme.

As 2023 Silver awardees GGR Group have demonstrated their dedication to supporting the defence and armed forces. With multiple members of this community already employed by the company GGR Group recognises the importance of offering a welcoming community that enables them to thrive. This includes advertising GGR’s active support to the wider community to illuminate the need for more defence-friendly spaces.

Military personnel have a range of skills they have developed during the years they have served. GGR Group encourages the introduction of their unique skills to the company, recognising the asset they can bring to construction. This is especially in areas such as engineering and plant operation which many defence and armed forces members have proven skills in.

GGR Group’s accommodative additional leave for Reserves training ensures the Reserves have the support they need when managing their additional duties. Additionally, GGR Group encourages a positive environment where all staff recognise the difficulties and sacrifices military personnel and their families face.

Colonel Mark Underhill OBE DL, Chief Executive at the North West of England and the Isle of Man Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (NW RFCA), said:

“On behalf of the Ministry of Defence we are honoured and delighted to be able to recognise the outstanding support and commitment given to the Armed Forces Covenant by businesses and organisations in the region, through the Employer Recognition Scheme awards. Each recipient has demonstrated not only that their support to the Covenant and the wider Armed Forces community, but also that they are prepared to support their Reservists, Service Leavers, Spouses, Veterans, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and Cadets in the workplace.”

GGR Group’s Roger Millar, Director of Operations reflected on the company’s achievement: “From the tender age of 16, I served for a total of 32 years in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, completing my service as an Officer Commanding and as you’d expect from someone with my background, I am very proud that we have been awarded this accolade. GGR Group are thrilled to take on the Silver level award for such an important scheme that encourages others to show their support to defence. The Defence ERS brings much needed attention to a group of people that deserve recognition for their service.”

“The company will continue to show their support and commitment to bettering the lives and working conditions for veterans, reservists, and military families. In honouring the Armed Forces Covenant and the duties of being a Silver Award winner we will contribute to the development of defence member’s skills and company progression.”

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