By: Melissa Nichols On: March 17, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

IMG_6982The mighty duo of a UNIC URW 706 mini spider crane and a MRTA6 glass vacuum lifter were used to assist with an internal reglaze at the Manchester Arndale Centre.

This specialist lifting equipment allowed glass taken from a glass trolley, before safely manoeuvred and placed into position as part of the installation.

The load weighed in at 172 kg, but GGR’s mini yet might spider crane was easily able to lift and move the glass into place seamlessly, thanks to its boom length of 19.2 meters and additional searcher hook attachment of 2.21 metres.

The UNIC 706 is one of the biggest mini cranes in the range, possessing 6 tonnes of lifting power, yet still compact enough for lifting in a confined space. The UNIC URW-706 has the perfect combination of working flexibility and power and is capable of handling loads of 6 tonnes to a radius of 3 metres and a height of 7.2 metres. The additional optional searcher hook and a 3.1m long fly jib deliver a maximum hook height of 22.7m, making it versatile for a number of different projects.

 The dual circuit MRTA6 vacuum lifter features a unique geometric tilt mechanism which maintains the load position automatically when tilting between horizontal and vertical positions, without using latches. As well as a capacity of 500kg, the Quadra-Tilt MRTA6 comes with 360° continuous manual rotation for easy movement of glass, sheet metal and composite materials into position.

This flexible lifter comes with moveable pad mounts and extension arms to create 8 different configurations for varying panel lengths and shapes making it versatile for a number of bespoke lifting projects.

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