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Serviloc Sale1

The world’s largest capacity spider crane has been sold in France.

Serviloc Nacelles based in Maine et Loire, has taken delivery of the mighty URW 1006 and the world’s smallest spider crane, the URW 094.

After acquiring their first UNIC mini spider crane in 2012, Serviloc Nacelles have grown their fleet through the purchase of another two more spider cranes from GGR Group.

Serviloc Nacelles specialise in providing equipment and fully trained operators for bespoke projects with access restrictions, delicate handling solutions and projects on congested sites throughout the whole of France.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group commented “As demand for specialist lifting equipment grows across the globe, we take great pride in selling some of the most innovative and bespoke lifting machinery on an international level. It’s fantastic to see companies across Europe significantly growing their spider crane fleet and it was a pleasure to assist Serviloc Nacelles with their company growth plans.”

Their range includes the UNIC URW-1006 which offers a generous 30.7 metre lifting height and 24.3 metre working radius, yet at only 2 metres wide still retains class-beating minimal dimensions for working in restricted spaces.


This versatile mini crane also has a unique pick and carry function which enables it to travel with loads up to 1.5 tonnes. Its configurable outriggers provide maximum stability when lifting on uneven surfaces thanks to their full safety interlocking system.

The UNIC URW-094 spider crane is super slim, lightweight and strong, thus setting it apart from larger, more traditional cranes. Measuring just 595mm wide and weighing only 1000kg, this micro machine is the world’s smallest mini crane.

The UNIC 094 delivers unparalleled lifting capacity for its size, capable of handling loads up to 995kgs. The 5.49m long boom offers a maximum hook height of 5.6m.

Serviloc purchased their first UNIC mini spider crane in 2012, the URW 706 spider crane, the first of its kind to be purchased in France. Now, with over 12 specialist lifting platforms and spider cranes in their range, Serviloc will be commissioning their spider crane fleet for work in the West of France as well as projects in neighbouring countries.

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