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The key to a successful construction project is having the best equipment for the job. But with so many options in an oversaturated market, it can be overwhelming selecting the right crane. That’s why we have created a comprehensive guide to assist you in your journey for a crane that can perform all the tasks you need.

Understanding Your Project Requirements

No two construction projects are the same which is why one crane isn’t the solution for all lifting projects. There are hundreds of crane models available today which can be suited for anything from building skyscrapers to squeezing into tunnels. Selecting the right crane requires assessing what features you need in a crane. This can be things such as lifting capacity, size, outriggers, lifting height and rough terrain driving. Once you have all these details you can narrow your search down and then begin searching for a reliable company that can provide you with your chosen crane.

Types of Cranes

G150 Pick and Carry Cranes lifting an escalator.

G150 Pick and Carry Cranes lifting an escalator.

As addressed before there are almost too many cranes for you to choose from on the market. Some common examples include:

Mobile Cranes

As the name suggests, these types of cranes offer mobility between locations without the aid of a transport vehicle. Static cranes are great for long-haul projects where their lifting ability is only needed in one place. But for projects that are short-term or need lifts throughout multiple locations, a mobile crane is the most practical option. Typically, on wheels or tracks you can transport these cranes through indoor spaces and over rough, muddy terrain. There are many subtypes of mobile crane which allows you to reap the benefits of free movement while adapting to your location choice.

Crawler Cranes

The crawler crane is a type of mobile crane with sturdy rugged tracks allowing them to ‘crawl’ across rough terrain. Offering excellent stability these wide-based cranes also have heightened gradeability which allows the crane to adapt to various gradients on site. At GGR Group our Mini Crawler Cranes are designed to supply compact lifting power in space spaces and restricted access areas. Many of our range of MCCs are equipped with advanced control systems and safety features to ensure precise and secure operations.


While not technically a crane, telehandlers adopt many of their features and combine them with those of a forklift. Sometimes when choosing a machine for a project it is important to consider other options which may be better suited. Telehandlers are multi-terrain machines with a forked head and an extending boom. These features provide operators with extra reach and forklift-carrying ability.


6.26 Electric Telehandler lifting concrete.

6.26 Electric Telehandler lifting concrete.

Load Capacity

Construction projects typically have some heavy lifting involved and in order to choose a crane you need to know the weight of the loads you’ll be lifting. This is essential information to know as all cranes have different lifting capacities. If you choose a crane that is unable to lift loads on the job, you will waste time and money as you will have to choose another crane. You may overcompensate with a heavier lifting crane if you do not know the load weight. This can mean you can end up with a crane that can lift a lot more than you need without accounting for the extra features a weaker crane may offer.

Lifting Height and Radius

Knowing the lifting height and radius a crane offers is essential for getting the best results in your project. The main use of a crane is for lifting at a height, but all cranes offer different capabilities. Lifting projects can be anything from installing a statue on the first storey of a building to fitting glazing on a skyscraper. This is why you should ensure that your crane can lift your load to the desired height comfortably.

Expert Guidance from GGR Group

At GGR Group we have over 25 years of experience in providing lifting solutions to our customers. When unsure of what crane you need for your lifting project, we can offer expert guidance on selecting the right crane for your construction project. We also offer lift plans, contract lifts, and fully trained operators where you may require them. Contact us today for advice on choosing the right crane for your project.


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