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safe use of overhang beams eLearning course

GGR Group, lifting specialists with a rich history in running training programmes since 1995, have today, on Global Lifting Awareness Day, announced their new eLearning course which has been fully accredited by LEEA. The brand new ‘Safe Use of Overhang Beams’ programme has been developed in response to the continuing demand for remotely accessible training courses after the successful launch of GGR’s first eLearning courses last year.

Coming from GGR Group’s state-of-the-art training facilities in Haddenham, Oldham, and Blantyre, Group Training Manager, Terry Cheese, and his expert team have been working hard to expand GGR’s range of online courses. With a precedent of creating first-rate programmes, most of which are accredited, GGR’s specialist training team has applied their gold standard skills to developing the new ‘Safe Use of Overhang Beams’ course. Terry Cheese, Group Training Manager at GGR Group commented, “We are delighted to be able to introduce another addition to our already extensive range of eLearning courses.”

The recent confirmation of the ‘Safe Use of Overhang Beams’ course’s full LEEA accreditation confirmed just how comprehensive these programmes continue to be. LEEA’s feedback identified this new course as being well thought out and easy to follow, noting how they had learned a great deal and felt they could quite happily operate overhang beams in the field.

safe use of overhang beams eLearning courseTerry added, “We plan to continue introducing new eLearning courses that will be available industry-wide in order to enhance safety standards and productivity for all industry professionals. Ease of access to our eLearning is extremely important, and with our intuitive Learning Management System, students can complete our eLearning on any device with the added feature of automatically saving progress, so students don’t have to complete our programmes all in one go.”

GGR Group’s eLearning courses include interactive scenarios, quizzes, assessments, and instructional films that help learning to be fun as well as effective. Watch this space, GGR Group’s eLearning portfolio continues to grow.

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