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As part of Road Safety Week 2023 run by Brake, the road safety charity, GGR Group are spreading awareness about the importance of road safety, especially with winter fast approaching. As providers of lifting equipment and machinery, GGR Group is constantly looking to improve the safety of their transport options. With customers all throughout the UK, we want to ensure we deliver equipment as safely and efficiently as possible.

Road safety is a responsibility that needs to be shared between all drivers on the roads in order to keep yourself and others safe. Brake’s campaign focuses on the dangers of speeding and driving too fast for road conditions. Five people die on UK roads every day and Brake asks why we still think it’s OK to speed. By taking part in this campaign GGR Group aims to identify what changes everyone can make to improve their road safety as well as assure customers that road safety is our top priority.

GGR Group’s Road Safety Initiatives:

Every year GGR Group takes steps to make improvements to ensure their vehicles and drivers are working at the safest possible standard. This includes regular maintenance, annual health checks, investing in the latest technologies, and more.


A GGR Group truck with a FORS Gold badge.

A GGR Group truck with a FORS Gold badge.

The voluntary accreditation scheme, Fleet Operators Performance Scheme (FORS), is often an essential requirement for many construction sites. By continuing to achieve FORS Gold status over the years it has granted GGR Group access to contracts. This also reassures customers that GGR is upholding safety standards across all transport and lifting operations. The FORS quality benchmark is also a reflection of GGR’s dedication to increasing fuel efficiency and reducing vehicle emissions.

GGR Group’s appointed Road Risk Champion and Accident Investigator uses the FORS Collision Management tool to record and analyse accidents. This allows GGR to notify insurers of any accidents within 24 hours. Through keeping a thorough record system of past events like this GGR is also able to make improvements and reduce road accidents. Over the years as a FORS member, this has included the improvement of training sessions for the drivers on tracking, strapping and safely securing the equipment to the vehicles to help minimise space and help with safe practice.

As part of our commitment to road safety, we ensure that all of our vehicles are regularly inspected and checked to assess their roadworthiness and safety. With dedicated Transport Managers based in our depots across the UK, our Transport Teams adhere to only the highest safety inspections and regulations at all times – ensuring complete peace of mind for our customers as our equipment arrives on site.

New Transport

As GGR Group has sought to improve emissions and fuel efficiency they have also continued to introduce new transport options to their fleet. As vehicles grow older, they will eventually need replacing in order to adhere to safety standards. With GGR Group’s regular maintenance of their transport fleet, they are quick to spot any issues as soon as they present themselves. This ensures GGR always sends out their vehicles at their best which prevents breakdowns and factors that can make driving unsafe.

When replacement vehicles are chosen GGR Group prioritises safety features and sustainable options. The company’s most recent investment was in a fleet of sprinter vans and a trailer truck with a crane attachment. With a focus on improving the already efficient and safe vehicle options throughout GGR’s depots these were chosen for their reliable features and up-to-date technology.

GGR Group team safely securing equipment to a truck.

GGR Group team safely securing equipment to a truck.

Staff Guidance

As part of their commitment to road safety, GGR Group also releases informational leaflets to all staff advising them on how to take care in the transition to winter. Staff safety is a top priority, so it is important that all members are provided with the right advice for travel in wet and snowy weather. The leaflet addresses factors such as slippery roads, icy windows, floods, low sun, fog, and strong winds, as well as Tyre Safety Month in October.


GGR Group remains devoted to the path towards road safety and educating the public on road safety issues. As continued investors in the latest vehicles that offer better safety standards for the roads, we hope to set the trend for all companies throughout the industry. We believe the construction industry should be the first to prioritise vehicle and road safety due to frequent travel and the common use of heavy machinery. In demonstrating how GGR Group have achieved a high level of road safety we trust others will take the same road.

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