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On Site Social Distancing

An Oscar 1000 and GSK1000 stone vacuum lifter were recently hired from GGR Group to help lift concrete panels into place in the UK.

The Oscar 1000 robot is controlled via a radio remote control, making it perfect for use in in the current climate, where social distancing is at the forefront of all operations across sites. The use of the radio remote control for this project enabled the operator to be positioned away from the load, thus enabling the installer to safely fix the concrete panels whilst maintaining a safe distance.

This versatile Oscar 1000 has a telescopic lifting arm which has a hydraulically powered 180° tilt function for handling horizontal loads and a 360° manually rotating head for placing loads with precision. With rear wheel drive and a unique lateral sideshift function, the Oscar can slightly adjust its position on the spot to make sure loads are accurately placed for perfect installation.

The 1000kg capacity Stone Slab lifter is designed for lifting both porous and polished stone. It features a constant running vacuum system and closed cell foam ring pad that is flexible enough to work with irregular or textured stone surfaces, making it ideal for projects of this kind.

Many sites across the UK will be looking at ways they can implement crucial social distancing measures without compromising on essential lifting operations and overall site productivity.

In response to the new guidelines GGR have placed an emphasis on offering equipment that allows for one-person operation; reduced manual handling; increase proximity between operators; and the remote operation of equipment to maintaining a safe working environment, whilst ensuring that best practice is followed.

Find out more in our dedicated social distancing support page to see how we can help you today –

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