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Performing a pre-use safety check before using a piece of lifting equipment or accessory is required by the guidance in the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 and is a simple and short exercise which can significantly reduce the risk of health and safety issues arising on site.

Although GGR Group’s lifting equipment is regularly serviced and fully inspected when it comes into our depot and before it goes out to a customer, it’s always worth double checking that the machinery is in working order before it is used, particularly if you are taking over from another operator.

So our customers can feel confident in the safety of the equipment they are using, we have put together a number of Pre-Use Checklists to download, print out and use.

 If you would like any of the above checklists please email

Each pre-use checklist has been designed specifically with the product in mind, however the most common checks to be made on lifting equipment and accessories include:- 

  • Is the manual available for the operator to use?
  • Is the certificate of thorough examination for the equipment in date?
  • Are the visual and audio warning alarms in working order?
  • Are there any cracks, distortions or dents to the machine?
  • Are wheels or outriggers secure and in good condition?
  • Is there any damage to vacuum pads?
  • Are all electrical connections secure and batteries charged?
  • Are there any oil or fuel leaks and is the oil level correct?
  • Does the remote control function correctly?

If you are in doubt to whether a piece of equipment is safe to use after completing your pre-use check, look for further information in the manual  or call GGR Group for technical advice.

To report any technical issues with hired or purchased equipment please contact the GGR Group depot you placed your order with and we can either help troubleshoot the problem over the phone, send out an engineer for crane maintenance, arrange for repair at our depot or replace equipment.

For our contact details go to the Contact Us page.

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