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Cleat camera mount

To make sure you capture that priceless shot, GGR’s range of Woods Powr-Grip suction mounts are a cost-effective choice for photographers and filmmakers to mount their camera equipment to flat and curved surfaces for hands-free work.

Available to buy from the GGR Glass online shop, the Cleat and Gripper suction mounts have a ¼-20 (M6x1) threaded stud for fixing personal and professional cameras to car dashboards, windscreens or onto  a moving vehicle for achieving amazing action shots. The vacuum pads absorb some of the shock when travelling over bumps, dips and uneven terrain, so filmed footage is steady and fluid rather than jerky.

These temporary mini tripods have adjustable locking heads for filming at the desired angle and are easy to use, just a few pumps of the plunger and the vacuum is created for secure attachment to smooth surfaces.  The suction mounts can also be used to hold other film apparatus such as lights, umbrellas and reflective screens, however we recommend that you should still tether equipment where possible as an extra safety precaution.

Cleat camera mount filming BMWIn the past these practical accessories have been used by storm chasers in the USA to film extreme weather conditions, fitted onto hydrofoil sailboats to capture races from the driver’s perspective, featured in reality documentary Alaskan State Troopers filming crimestoppers in action and used to create unique shots on car advertisement film sets.

Take a look at these action-packed video clips which use the Cleat camera mount for filming Ice Racing rally sessions and a BMW running laps at a driving school.


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