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G20At GGR Group, we offer a large variety of unique products to assist with all lifting needs. Our wide range of cranes allows customers to choose the perfect machine for heavy lifting operations. Here is some information on our range of pick and carry cranes.

The G20 pick and carry crane offers up to 2 tonnes of heavy lifting power with the ability to travel at a speed of 3km/h. Boasting a maximum lifting height of up to 5.3 metres and a boom length of up to 5.15 metres, this mini crane is idea for high level lifting.

G150Built with a compact frame with a width of just 0.93 metres, this machine is capable of performing heaving lifting operations within confined spaces. Low marking tyres make it perfect for travelling across rough terrain and uneven ground.

The G150 pick and carry crane boasts a lifting capacity of up to an impressive 15 tonnes. Featuring hydraulic boom extensions, this machine offers a maximum lifting height of up to 8.5 metres.

This crane is extremely easy to manoeuvre, featuring a battery-electric power 180° rear hydraulic steering and no outriggers. Benefiting from a built-in operator cab with an incorporated Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS), this crane is ideal for safer lifting of heavy loads.

F200EThe F200E pick and carry crane is a battery powered crane with zero emissions for working within sensitive environments. Offering 20 tonnes of lifting power and a generous lifting height of 9 metres, this is the perfect crane for heavy lifting duties.

At just 2.29 metres wide, this pick and carry crane is capable of navigating through restricted access areas. Thanks to removable counterweights, transportation and floor point loadings are made simpler and safer.

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