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Oscar 1400 installing glass in Leeds.

Oscar 1400 installing glass in Leeds.

An Oscar 1400 was commissioned to help install glass at a premium city centre office building in Leeds.

For this oversized glazing project, GGR Group commissioned the strong, dark and handsome Oscar 1400 glazing robot to help lift and install the new glass.

The glazing robot was used to replace seven large (2.3 x 3.7m) glazed units, weighing in at a huge 0.5 tonne. With its ability to pick glass from stillages, carry the load to its install location and manoeuvre glazing into place, the Oscar 1400 was the perfect piece of equipment for this job.

GGR Group’s Oscar range is the strongest of the glazing robots, with lifting capacities ranging from 280kg to the Oscar 1400 with an impressive 1.4 tonne. The Oscar 1400 is one of the newest glazing robots to be added to the GGR Group fleet and is currently the largest lifting capacity glazing robot in the UK.

This glazing robot has impressive features including a 360° hydraulic rotation and pad frame tilts of up to 90°, making lifting heavy glazing units into place, a piece of cake. The Oscar 1400 is also fitted with stabilisers, making the machine extremely manoeuvrable with extra safety, perfect for an active office building.

The Oscar 1400 offers ultimate lifting power with extremely versatile features, allowing it to be operated in confined spaces. Wherever the lift- even in a busy city centre, the Oscar 1400 will fit right in!

For more information on the Oscar 1400, click here.

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