By: Melissa Nichols On: August 13, 2020 In: Blog Comments: 0

Oscar 1400

An Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot was recently hired from GGR Group to help lift artwork into place at an art gallery in London.

The 1.4 tonne glazing robot had to lift the glass fronted artwork from the delivery truck and then travel with the load, whilst passing through several doorways and manoeuvring around permanent structures. At just 1.3m wide, the small chassis and heavy lifting capacity of this machine made it the ideal choice for this project.

This versatile glazing robot features a powered head slewing 90° left and right, 360° rotation and can tilt 90° up and down. The addition of powered side shift functions and the powered head allowed this machine to manipulate the artwork into the optimum position for a seamless installation.

This popular glazing robot also includes stabilisers for added safety when travelling across rough or uneven ground.

To find out more about the Oscar 1400 glazing robot click here, contact us here or call us directly on 0161 683 2580 to speak to one of our technical experts.

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