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While a standard glazing robot can do a good job sometimes a glazing project calls for a product like the Oscar 1000 Plus. This glazing robot has all the regular features and more, allowing you to easily install your glass. The Oscar has an impressive 1000kg lifting capacity and a conveniently powered vacuum head. With the powered head the user is able to rely on less manual labour to position the glazing. Making precise and small movements is also easier.

Furthermore, the Oscar 1000 Plus can lift loads to over 4 metres high, an ideal feature for a range of projects. An additional safety measure for lifting glass this high is the dual vacuum circuit and audio-visual low vacuum warning. These work together to alert the operator if there is a low vacuum and if one circuit has failed the other will support the load while it is lowered to safety.

Below are some of the best uses for this versatile machine.

Indoor Lifting on the Agenda

Not all glass can be installed from the outside which is why the Oscar 1000 Plus is essential for glazing. Many glass lifting solutions require large and heavy machinery which aren’t suited to suspended floors and narrow passageways. However, with this robot, you can manoeuvre it through the majority of buildings. With the Oscar’s ability to rotate its frame into a portrait position and adjustable wheel width, it is able to fit through standard double doors and corridors. The machine also weighs 2120kg which is often light enough for the ground-bearing pressure of a typical ground floor of a commercial building. However, a lift plan should always be conducted before use to confirm it is safe to use.

Install Glazing from the Inside Out with the Oscar 1000 Plus

For some glazing such as on the second floor, it is not possible to install it from the outside. Or it may require extra equipment. An operator can use the Oscar 1000 Plus to install the glazing from the inside. This is done by manipulating the glass until it can be pushed through the window frame and outside. The operator will then correctly position the glass before pulling it into the frame for fixing.

Easy Canopy Glazing

For some canopy glazing, it may not be possible to install it from above. Such as locations where there is limited space for a crane to fit it. This glazing robot has a 90˚ powered tilt up and down which enables it to raise loads horizontally above it. With the included radio remote control the operator can hold the glazing overhead while glaziers install it into place. The flexible head and the remote control combined together make canopy glazing installations much simpler with just one machine.

The Oscar 1000 Plus is Great for Sensitive Environments

With the increasing restrictions on pollution in major cities and indoor spaces it can be hard to find a product that fits all the requirements. The Oscar 1000 Plus is 100% battery-powered with zero emissions making it ideal for all your eco-friendly needs. With the addition of this glazing robot to a job site you can achieve all the glass lifts you need without the pollution.


The Oscar 1000 Plus can be used on an array of projects from simple to unique. This adaptable glazing robot is one of many glass lifting solutions we supply at GGR Group. To speak to one of our experts about our many glazing robots and other equipment contact us by phone. Or click here to send a message.

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