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UNIC URW- 1006 at The Royal Ascot race course

UNIC URW- 1006 at Ascot race course

GGR Group recently helped lift and install new glazing as part of important refurbishment works to one of the UK’s most prestigious race courses.

Ascot race course in Berkshire, is one of the UK’s largest race courses and is home to the famous Royal Ascot. With glass windows covering the perimeter of the building, GGR Group raced to the opportunity to help with this lifting operation.

The UNIC URW-1006 mini spider crane and the MRT4 glass vacuum lifter were carefully chosen to assist with the replacement of all the glass box doors along the grand stand.

The glass weighed in at 200kg and had to be lifted to a height of 24 metres. With a maximum lifting height of 30 metres, this was no problem for this mighty piece of equipment, making the URW 1006 mini crane come in at 1st place.

The 2.2m x 2.2m glass was lifted using GGR Groups versatile MRT4 vacuum lifter. Built with four flexible arms designed to cover all bases of square or rectangular shaped pieces of glass, the MRT4 is one of the most popular glass lifters in the GGR Group range. The MRT4 is also built with four suction pads that can be swapped for specialist pads that help lift textured glass making every lift easier and safer. The MRT4 may only have four arms and four pads but it will never be 4th place.

This mighty GGR duo, caused minimum disruption to the site, which was perfect for Ascot Race Course busy refurbishment schedule. Being Britain’s most famous race course, the UNIC URW-1006 and MRT4 vacuum lifter treated this project like royalty, seamlessly lifting and installing the glass to perfect standards.

There was no horsing around when it came to this job!

For more information on the MRT4 and the UNIC URW-1006, click here.

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