By: Kelly Holdaway On: October 04, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

We usually like to see glass looking pristine and in one piece, but for this world record attempt shattering glass with sheer brute force is the name of the game. Don’t try this at home!

Mike O’Hearn, an American bodybuilder nicknamed “The Titan”, holds the Guinness World Record for running through the most panes of tempered glass consecutively. Donning a full American football kit and helmet to protect him from any nasty injuries, Mike ran through a gauntlet of 16 toughened glass sheets in a row, only bouncing off three panes before breaking through them on a second attempt during the 20 second time allowance.

Mike completed his record breaking dash through these 4mm thick, 2 metre high glass panels at The Staples Center, Los Angeles in September 2011. He broke the record of 15 panes which was set by Martin Reuben De Jong from Auckland, New Zealand in 2009. Unfortunately Martin’s later attempt at 17 panels on Chinese TV was a disaster as he couldn’t barge through the first pane where the glass was thought to be extra strong!

Take a look at these video clips of Mike and Martin in action – smashing stuff!

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