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This month GGR is launching four new products. We have the Hydraulica 4000 glass vacuum lifter that comes with market-leading quad-circuit technology and is the largest lifter currently on the UK market. Another glass vacuum lifter we are adding is the MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt, capable of handling loads up to 635kg with ease. Next is the Cobra 550, a versatile glazing robot that is able to lift loads of up to 550kg from the ground up to 4 metres. Last but by no means last is our new, mid-range counterbalancer the Libro 800 that can handle loads of 800kg at height.

Hydraulica  4000 Glass Vacuum Lifter

Hydraulica 4000 SquareGGR are proud to introduce the Hydraulica 4000 to the market as the largest in the UK. The Hydraulica 4000 boasts a lifting capacity of 4000kg making it ideal for lifting large panes of glass, which are becoming more common in modern building designs. As well as boasting an impressive 4000kg of lifting power, this market-leading machine also features 360° of electric powered rotation with a 90° hydraulic tilt making this vacuum lifter ideal when lifting large, heavy loads.

The Hydraulica 4000 is available complete with cable remote control, extension arms and a transport stand as standard; a radio remote control is available as an optional accessory. This giant glass vacuum lifter offers quicker, safer, high capacity lifting for your project.

The quad-circuit technology in this window sucker has four independent vacuum circuits for added safety and is designed to lift a range of flat loads including glass, plastic boards, ceramic plates, sheet metals and coated boards.

>>View Hydraulica 4000

MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt

MRTA8 SquareOur ever-improving range of glass vacuum lifters has been bolstered by the future-proofed MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt. The MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt glass vacuum lifter features a four-bar tilt mechanism, making tilting heavy loads between flat and upright much smoother. This versatile machine benefits from 360° manual rotation and 90° assisted manual tilt. The dynamic MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt has removable vacuum pads and extension arms, meaning it can handle loads of varying shape and size.

Engineered to lift loads of up to 320kg in a 4 pad configuration and 635kg in an 8 pad configuration, the MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt window sucker is ideal for lifting smooth, non-porous materials such as glass, sheet metal and composite panels. This glass sucker’s capacity and versatility makes it the perfect tool for a range of on-site and in-house projects.

The MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt has a Dual Vacuum System included as a standard safety feature that is made up of two independent vacuum circuits, designed to support each other in the event of system failure.

>>View MRTA8 Quadra-Tilt

Cobra 550 Glazing Robot

Cobra SquareOur range of glazing robots has a super-versatile new machine, the 550kg capacity Cobra 550. The Cobra 550 is one of our most adaptable glazing robots. This impressive machine is able to lift a wide range of materials from glass to granite, heavy fire doors and other various materials with precision. Boasting a maximum lifting capacity of 550kg, the Cobra 550 can lift materials from floor level up to four metres in a fully parallel operation.

Featuring a powerful hydrostatic drive and large front twin wheels, the Cobra 550 is able to travel across all manner of terrains. This machine has the minimal dimensions that GGR machines have become famous for; its compact minimum 800mm width and 1425mm height mean that this glazing robot can fit through narrow doors and hallways with ease.

The Cobra 550 is fitted with a 490Ah battery which can be fully charged in up to 5 hours resulting in reduced down time.

>>View Cobra 550

Libro 800 Counterbalancer

Libro SquareThe addition of a new counterbalance to our already comprehensive range gives us the opportunity to offer customers the perfect piece of lifting kit for their project. The Libro 800 is a compact overhang beam, which is able to lift loads up to 800kg. This counterweight balancer is capable of installing glass, curtain walling and cladding below overhangs of up to 1550mm and can lift loads at full capacity at each working length.

The Libro 800 overhang beam features an integrated hook and can be used with one of GGR’s below-the-hook vacuum lifters. This compact overhang beam can be attached to both mobile or tower cranes and is suitable for installation projects at height. The Libro 800 features an anti-tilt switch, which stops the counterweight balancer tilting past ±10° to ensure safe lifting.

The Libro 800 is fitted with a rechargeable battery to power the adjustable 30 counterweight rack and pinion saddle. Controlled by cable remote, the counterweight saddle can be moved along the beam to balance the load being lifted.

>>View Libro 800

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