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This National Apprenticeship Week is an event running from the 6th – 12th February 2023 for celebrating the achievements of apprentices and promoting the benefits and positive impact that this path can create. The theme for this year is ‘Skills for Life’ which is a true reflection of what an apprenticeship represents.

We took some time this week to see how the apprentices at GGR Group were doing and even had some time to catch up with an ex-apprentice who was continuing to progress his career at GGR and a current trainee who is hoping to start her apprenticeship soon.


Our Apprentices

Simone – Trainee Apprentice Engineer

Having just left secondary school Simone chose to pursue a career that interests her. Here’s what she had to say about why she chose to become a trainee at GGR Group and how her first month here has been: “I became a trainee to give me a sort of taste for the company and how the apprenticeship would work if I were to receive it and to see if I enjoyed it mostly. It’s an opportunity to see what it’s like before I fully commit to it.

“The traineeship has allowed me to see how a company works and to get a basic understanding of what I’ll be doing. And as a 16-year-old to be given an opportunity like this, which not many people my age would get, is quite amazing and I feel lucky to be where I am.”


Rob – Apprentice Engineer

Rob has been an apprentice for one year at GGR Group, originally starting as a labourer for 6 months. As a young apprentice, Rob has been hands-on in his education, reaping the benefits of practical knowledge gained at GGR with assistance from our expert engineers.

Describing his time at the company, Rob said: “I began working at Argos and was offered an interview as a labourer at the company. During my interview, I mentioned I wanted a career, not a job. GGR Group took me on as a labourer for 6 months initially before offering me an apprenticeship once I had proved myself.

“I have benefitted from my time here as I’ve actually been able to learn a trade I’m interested in and I’ve found that I enjoy it as well.”


Brad – Service Engineer

Starting as an Apprentice Engineer at GGR Group, Brad gained his qualification and immediately continued the progression of his career at the company. Already well-versed in GGR product knowledge with a great staff and customer rapport, along with his adept and applied skills, he was a sure choice for Service Engineer.

Here Brad explains how his time as an apprentice was: “I began my apprenticeship at GGR in May 2018 and studied Engineering Electrical principles. GGR has allowed me to gain hands on experience on a wide variety of unique lifting equipment. I have also been offered numerous amounts of training courses to further my development within the engineering industry, which has set me up with a job for life.”


Here at GGR Group we value the education of young people and are proud to provide apprenticeship opportunities that come with career progression. We are always ready for new talent, our company being a pioneer of innovation. One of our other apprentices recently attended a careers fair at his old school to talk about his experience at GGR Group, read more here. For more information on our apprenticeship opportunities, you can email

Read more about National Apprenticeship Week here.

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