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Mini Spider Cranes are universal machines designed for heavy lifting in confined spaces. Able to work independently or in tandem with other equipment UNIC Mini Spider Cranes are perfect for any project. Some of the more common devices to use alongside our spider cranes are below-the-hook products such as a glass vacuum lifter or an overhang beam.

However, below-the-hook attachments can’t always achieve the precision or positioning you need. Our versatile MultiGrab attachment adds claws to your Mini Spider Crane. This revolutionary lifting aid provides an essential grabbing ability that can be used for an array of projects.

MultiGrab lifting steel beams.

MultiGrab lifting steel beams.

What is the MultiGrab?

The MultiGrab is a hydraulic lifting clamp which has been specifically designed for use with Mini Spider Cranes. This attachment serves as a way to manipulate loads precisely into restricted and hard-to-reach areas such as on balconies or overhead ceiling installation. With full 360˚ rotation and vertical movement, the user is able to place and lift loads with millimetre precision.

The pinching ability of the hydraulic clamps creates a tight and secure hold on loads weighing up to 750kg. With the adaptable clamp, you can lift a range of materials such as steel and timber beams, pipe, and ducting. Benefitting from safety features such as a 5-second release button operators cannot accidentally drop loads from accidentally pressing the release button.

The cordless remote control allows freedom of movement for the operator, allowing them to control the MultiGrab from the best viewpoint. With no wires, the operator of the MultiGrab is able to safely move the load as there is a reduced need for close contact with it. The crane operator is also able to see the load more clearly as well as the space around it due to the MultiGrab operator not needing to be close to it.


What Can a MultiGrab Do?

With an impressive compact size and manoeuvrability, the MultiGrab has improved and accelerated a range of projects. This claw-like accessory facilitates the precise lifting and placement of many materials. The remarkable design also means this product is very popular for use in delicate projects.

MultiGrab on a UNIC URW-706-2 Mini Spider Crane installing timber beams for a theatre.

MultiGrab on a UNIC URW-706-2 Mini Spider Crane installing timber beams for a theatre.

The MultiGrab’s features made it ideal for a project installing timber beams for Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot, Merseyside. This project was a £20m investment inspired by the Elizabethan Prescot Playhouse. Designed to replicate the traditional theatre the structure was to consist of many large beams.

This is where GGR Group’s MultiGrab and 706-2 Mini Spider Crane came into play. Due to the preconstructed concrete structure, the beams could not be moved into place from above from crane. The MultiGrab’s unique ability to place loads from below allowed the operators to easily fit and fit the timber beams throughout the theatre. Combining the compact mini crane and MultiGrab allowed the freedom of movement in the tight space of the room. Also benefiting from the MultiGrab’s full 360˚ rotation and vertical movement the operators were able to position the timber beams delicately and precisely all throughout the project.


The MultiGrab can serve a lot of purposes and is the ideal lifting partner for lifting projects that need precision and lifting from below. To find out more about our bespoke attachments and products contact us by clicking here.

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