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UNIC URW-506A UNIC URW-506 mini spider crane and an MRTA8 glass vacuum lifter teamed up to re-glaze a Debenhams store front in London.

Situated 13 metres above the ground, the glass panel required a machine with a generous lifting height for the re-glaze. Weighing 304kg, the 1.87m x 3.17m piece of glass had to be handled with control for perfect positioning.

Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 3 tonnes, this mini spider crane provides incredible strength for lifting heavy loads. With a total width of just 1.4 metres, this compact crane was able to be positioned comfortably on the pavement outside the store.

The UNIC URW-506 delivers an impressive maximum lifting height of up to 16 metres. Offering a maximum boom length of 15.7 metres, this is the ideal machine for performing high-level lifting within confined spaces.

The MRTA8 glass vacuum lifter features a four-bar tilt mechanism, offering extra flexibility when manoeuvring heavy loads. This versatile machine also features a 360° manual rotation and 90° manual tilt functions, allowing precise positioning for installation.

Due to removable vacuum pads and extension arms, this glass vacuum lifter is capable of being adjusted to fit a range of shapes and sizes. Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 653kg, this dual-vacuum lifter features two independent circuits for extra support when lifting.

Featuring Intelli-Grip technology, the MRTA8 is built with audible and visible alarms for safe operation of loads. This extremely adaptable lifter is ideal for complex glazing projects at height.

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