By: Kelly Holdaway On: May 26, 2015 In: Blog Comments: 0

FullSizeRender comAn MCC805 mini crawler crane has been hired from GGR to replace transformers at East Claydon Substation, Buckinghamshire. This compact crane features a hydraulic blade mounted on the front of the chassis designed to even-out any rough terrain and self-level the crane when working on gradients of up to 13 degrees. The 8 tonne capacity mini crane travelled easily across the uneven, graveled ground with its hard-wearing steel tracks.

The MCC805 is the ultimate mini crawler crane offering a class-beating lifting height of 15m and a huge 20.5m overall height when a fly jib is fitted. Compact yet powerful, this mini telescopic crawler crane boasts 8 tonnes of lifting muscle as well as 6.5 tonnes of pick and carry capability for optimum productivity on site.

image 3 comThe substation forms part of the National Grid so the transformers are heavy duty!  Each of the six 3.5 tonne transformers needed to be lifted to a 4.8 metre height. The job was completed in two stages so that power could be isolated in different areas of the substation.


GGR’s UNIC mini spider cranes are also ideal for working in the power industry, a 10 tonne UNIC URW-1006 crane was used to replace circuit breaker silencers at this same substation.


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