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We’re not one for upholding stereotypes, but our Unic crane found itself doing just that when it was hired to install a large sculpture representing the EU countries, in the Czech Republic.

A Unic URW-506 mini crane was hired to lift and install the huge sculpture, entitled ‘Entropa’ by Czech artist David Černý. The sculpture, which looks like an unassembled model kit, is made from glass-reinforced plastic and steel, measuring 16 metres high and an overall 250 metres squared.

The controversial sculpture uses stereotypes of each EU member country, but in a satirical, hard and often ironic way. Each country is represented by a symbol, which was lifted and installed onto the blue frame using the Unic 506 spider crane:-

Austria- a green field with nuclear power plant tower

Belgium – half-eaten praline chocolates

Bulgaria- Turkish toilets

Cyprus- split into two halves

Czech Republic- flashing LED quotations from Czech president

Denmark – Lego bricks

Estonia- Hammer and sickle power tool

Finland – a wooden floor, and a man with a rifle lying down

France – “Strike!” banner

Germany- interlocking autobahns

Greece- burnt forest

Hungary-Atomium made from watermelons and sausages

Ireland- brown bog with bagpipes

Italy- football pitch

Latvia- mountains

Lithuania – urinating Manneken Pis statuettes

Luxembourg- gold nugget with ‘for sale’ tag

Malta- tiny island with a dwarf elephant

Netherlands- sunken under the sea with few minarets still visible

Poland- priests erecting rainbow flag

Portugal- wooden chopping board with 3 pieces of meat

Romania- Dracula theme park

Slovakia- rock with engraving “first tourists came here 1213”

Spain- covered in concrete

Sweden- large IKEA box

UK- is ‘’included’ as a missing piece (empty space)

We have a network of Unic crane dealers in each of these countries, see

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