By: Kelly Holdaway On: October 20, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0

As we like to be on the cutting-edge of technology here at GGR Group, we have developed our own mini crane iPhone application to help train new operators.

The ‘app’ will be used to help trainee crane operators on our Compact Crane Training courses to get more familiar with the Unic mini crane control panel using their mobile phones. The touch-screen simulator app includes functions such ‘boom in and out’, ‘boom up and down’, ‘slew right and left’ and ‘hook up and down’.

GGR Group has also filmed an instructional video demonstration of the iPhone app in action, showing what it would be like if the touch-screen app could control the crane in real life.

Take a look at the iPhone app, as demonstrated by our very own Crane Engineer and soon to be Youtube sensation Ian Stewart, in the video below.


To register your interest in receiving the mini crane iPhone app when it released please click here.

Follow this link for more information about GGR Group’s training courses.

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