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MCC500 and Mini CladAn exciting duo from GGR Group were commissioned to install cladding around a building in Ipswich.

A brand-new building required the work of the MCC500 mini crawler crane and the Mini Clad cladding lifter to install, 6m x 1m, cladding panels around the perimeter. Each panel weighed 194kg, requiring strength and flexibility for the installation.

The MCC500 is the ultimate, heavy lifting, mini crawler crane. Boasting a lifting capacity of an impressive 5 tonne, this powerful machine was, undoubtedly, the right man for the job.

With cladding being installed around the top of the entire building, a highly manoeuvrable machine was essential. Developed with a 2.32-metre-wide base and solid tracks, the MCC500 is the ideal mini crane for traveling with loads over rough terrain and on uneven ground.

For complete control of the cladding panels, the Mini Clad was the best lifter to assist the MCC500. This machine is the industry’s most powerful ‘configuration-free’ cladding lifter for speedy installation on site.

MCC500 and Mini CladDeveloped with an extra-safe dual circuit vacuum system, the Mini Clad provides powerful and reliable lifting of loads up to 400kg. Offering features such as, a 90° tilt and 360° rotation, this cladding lifter is an extremely adaptable piece of equipment.

The MCC500 and the Mini Clad provided strength and versatility, making the ultimate dream team for this job!

For more information on the MCC500 and the Mini Clad, click here.

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