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MCC805 mini crawler crane An MCC805 mini crawler crane recently helped with the installation of a brand-new, steel structured play area, in Heaton Park, Manchester.

This mini crawler crane recently assisted with the erection of a fun-filled apparatus in one of Manchester’s most admired parks. This machine was easily able to lift and place the stainless steel frames, which weighed in at 1 tonne each.

The uniquely shaped frames had to be lifted onto large posts, meaning precision and control were key to making this lifting project a success.

The MCC805 mini crawler crane offers a maximum lifting height of up to 15 meters, making it the ideal machine for lifting and placing loads into an optimum install position. This powerful machine boasts a lifting capacity of an impressive 8 tonnes, as well as 6.5 tonnes of robust pick and carry duties.

The MCC805 mini crawler crane features a hydraulic blade which is mounted on the front of the chassis. The hydraulic blade is designed to even out any uneven ground whilst traveling on rough terrain, the perfect lifting machine for projects of this kind where the ground is rugged and uneven. It also helps self-level the crane when working on gradients of up to 13°.

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