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Glass Vacuum Lifters are essential equipment across the glazing industry offering safer and more efficient lifting practices therefore maximising productivity. Faced with intricate challenges from project to project it is important to offer the right support to workers whether that be through specialised equipment like Glass Vacuum Lifters or other means.

The Complexity of Glass Installation

As any glazier will know when it comes to glass installation it is often more complicated than it may initially appear. Many factors must be considered before attempting to install glass as it is heavy, sharp, and breaks easily. External factors can massively affect glass installation as high winds and rain make it unsafe to lift glazing.

The Versatility of Glass Vacuum Lifters

Since Glass Vacuum Lifters were first introduced to the glazing industry, they have become a vital tool for many lifts. With decades of innovation, designs have been adapted to accommodate all sorts of glazing. Many now have higher lifting capacities, independent vacuum circuits, adjustable extension arms, and more. With so many features available on modern vacuum lifters you can use them across a range of unique projects.

Architectural Glazing

UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane and MRT4 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing.

UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane and MRT4 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing.

With so many different types of architecture that all require glazing it means needing equipment that is specialised for your needs. From skyscrapers to churches new glazing will need to be installed at some point. This means lifters that features such as electric powered rotation, compact design, or low vacuum alerts may be essential depending on the project.  For glazing on a skyscraper, you may want to consider a high-capacity lifter and a radio remote control for larger glazing units and the higher lift such as the Hydraulica 4000. This Glass Vacuum Lifter has a hefty 4000kg lifting capacity, four independent vacuum circuits, a low vacuum alert, and an optional radio remote control. For a church you may need something with a configurable shape such as the MRT4 in order to adjust to glass shape and challenging positions.

Interior Fit-Outs

From glass partitions to aesthetically pleasing glass features in office spaces, retail environments, and residential settings, interior fit-outs benefit from the precision and safety provided by glass vacuum lifters. As these lifters can be used in partnership with various lifting devices such as mini cranes and manual hoists, they are ideal for interior projects. Fully electric powered they are also fume free and won’t pollute indoor spaces.

Maximising Productivity in Manufacturing

Due to the challenges that come from lifting glass before the implementation of Glass Vacuum Lifters in manufacturing workers would often manually move glass or use other less effective equipment. Manufacturing facilities that work with glass sheets or products, such as tabletops, mirrors, and glass components, benefit immensely from the capabilities of glass vacuum lifters. With Glass Vacuum Lifters you can automate processes allowing consistency in the way glass is moved and reduce the fatigue of your workers therefore maximising productivity. Glass breakages are also reduced as the lifting ability of vacuum is consistent and less likely to lose its hold of the glass.

Precision and Safety

With the addition of a Glass Vacuum Lifter to a glass lifting project while you may maximise productivity you also increase precision and safety. As vacuum lifters are less prone to slipping when lifting glass and can hold heavy glass for long periods of time it means glaziers can take their time to install glazing as precisely as possible without worrying about the fatigue or possible injury of the workers lifting it into place. Many Glass Vacuum Lifters also come with electric-powered rotation and tilting which allows users to achieve a millimetre-precise installation. They increase the safety of your lift as they can securely lift your load but can also come with advanced safety features such as an audio-visual low vacuum alert and independent vacuum circuits.

Libro 3000 Overhang Beam with Corner Lifter and two DSZ2 Glass Vacuum Lifters.

Libro 3000 Overhang Beam with Corner Lifter and two DSZ2 Glass Vacuum Lifters.

Custom Solutions for Unique Challenges

With so many Glass Vacuum Lifters available for hire along with additional attachments, it’s easy to customise a perfect solution for any challenge. At GGR Group many of our Glass Vacuum Lifters have various configurations as well as optional accessories to help perfect your lifting solution. We also offer a contract lift package which includes a site survey so we can select the best method and equipment for your project. That way you know you’ll be getting a Glass Vacuum Lifter that can do the job.


GGR Group are no.1 for lifting solutions and have over 25 years of experience in supplying glass lifting solutions to their customers. For more information on choosing the best Glass Vacuum Lifter for your construction project click here. Contact us here for expert advice and more information.

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