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This week sees the return of London Fashion Week (LFW) with 78 designers showing their collections in 55 catwalk shows and 23 presentations.

We have all seen the pictures of the rich and famous attending London Fashion Week, ever wondered how they get to the shows or what they eat and drink whilst they are perusing the latest fashions?

  • Killer heels are not made for walking; Mercedes Benz chauffeurs will drive 32,000 miles between shows during the 5 day event.
  • It can be exhausting being fabulous all of the time; the 30,000 Lavazza espressos served should keep everyone awake.
  • The people drinking the 5,000 glasses of Scavi & Ray Prosecco served are almost certainly members of One Direction or The Saturdays!
  • Celebrities like a snack too, although the 5,376 bags of Propercorn eaten probably have fewer calories than fresh air!

London Fashion Week also gives a £26billion direct contribution to the UK economy and encourages some of the £10.7billion spent on fashion online in the UK.

The high street and designer fashion retailers are vital to the economic boost spurred on by London Fashion Week; GGR’s specialist lifting equipment has been used in retail spaces such as Westfield Stratford City, where a host of UNIC mini cranes and glass vacuum lifters were used to fit glazing to over 200 shop fronts. Our pick and carry cranes have been used to replace broken windows at stores like Louis Vuitton and to lift steelwork at this Mulberry store.


Take a look at our photo gallery to see GGR’s lifting equipment being used to help construct and glaze designer shops, massive shopping centres and popular high street stores.


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