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At GGR Group we supply no.1 lifting solutions such as cranes and telehandlers, but we also have a range of smaller lifting solutions and handy attachments to make lifting even easier. As a trusted company with over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have developed these lifting solutions to be in line with our philosophy: Innovation not imitation.

Lifting Solutions

Here are a few of our best lifting solutions available below.

MRT4 Forklift Adaptor

This is a great gadget for adding versatility to the uses of your forklift or telehandler without the costly expense of hiring another machine to do the lifting for you. The attachment is super simple to set up by sliding the attachment into place on both the forklift and MRT4 and securing them. You will benefit from a 320kg lifting capacity and a 90˚ tilt.

Swing Arm Forklift Boom and a Faresin 6.26 Electric Telehandler.

Swing Arm Forklift Boom and a Faresin 6.26 Electric Telehandler.

Swing Arm Forklift Boom

Turn your forklift into a crane with this smart attachment which is designed to slew loads at five different positions so you can achieve the ideal lift. The adjustable arm gives you up to 2500mm of reach for lifting loads up to 2500kg – perfect for lifting heavy weights around site without the need for another machine.

GGR Tipping Skip

This Tipping Skip is the perfect partner for any project involving a telehandler, forklift, or crane, allowing you to shift debris and job site materials. Having a smaller skip by your workplace ensures a speedier clean-up at the end of the day and removes the need for manual handling of large amounts of debris.

This product comes with simple yet effective features that provide a safe lift such as the four-way fork entry for effective placement and four lifting eyes for lifting by crane. There is also a fixed heel pin and safety catch for ensuring the skip doesn’t discharge during transit.

UNIC Mini Spider Crane lifting a Tipping Skip.

UNIC Mini Spider Crane lifting a Tipping Skip.

Glassboy Floor Crane

When you’re needing a quick lift in a confined area the Glassboy Floor Crane is the boy for the job, the counterbalanced crane is easy to set up and transport between sites with its swivel wheels and removable weights. The Glassboy can lift weights up to 500kg and has a maximum hook height of 2700mm along with lockable wheels so it doesn’t roll away.

See how easy this hand-operated crane is to use here.

Car Lifting Hoist

Use this unique tool to lift a car into place at your car dealership or inside a shopping centre, including two steel sections to support the wheels and strong slings this hoist can lift up to 2500kg. The four lifting eyes allow for the durable slings to be applied at four points to evenly distribute the weight of the car for a safer lift.

Here our Car Lifting Hoist was used by a UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane to lift a car in a shopping centre.


At GGR Group we pride ourselves in being the best for lifting solutions and offer many more products in our lifting solutions section as well as more heavy-duty solutions for your lifting projects such as glass vacuum lifters, mini spider cranes, pick and carry cranes, telehandlers, and more. To receive more information about our products and contract lifts speak to one of our experts by phone or click here.

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