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Lifting Precast Concrete

We recently commissioned our 12-tonne capacity Libro 12000 overhang beam to help lift these huge precast concrete pieces into place.

Selected for its versatility and control when lifting oversized materials, the Libro 12000 was used alongside a mobile crane to lift and manoeuvre this precast concrete cladding into place.

The Libro 12000 is the perfect choice for lifting materials below building overhangs at height with both precision and control, thanks to its counterweight feature and heavy lifting capacity.

Lifting Precast Concrete

This 12 tonne capacity overhang beam is fitted with a rechargeable battery to power the adjustable counterweight rack and pinion saddle. Controlled by cable remote, the counterweight saddle can be moved along the beam to balance the load being lifted.

With a safety feature preventing the main beam going beyond a +/- 10° incline, the Libro 12000 overhang beam also features an integrated hook and can be used with a below-the-hook vacuum lifter.

The Libro 12000 has already proven popular for many Principal Contractors across similar projects throughout the UK.

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