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UNIC URW-094 lifting stone

The smallest spider crane in the UNIC crane range, the UNIC URW-094 was recently hired from GGR Group to help install stonework in London.

With extremely limited working space available, this project required a machine with both compact size and heavy lifting capacity, making this the perfect project for our UNIC URW-094.

At just 0.6m wide, the UNIC URW-094 successfully manoeuvred its way into this 1.8m tight working area, thanks to its multiple positionable outriggers and compact frame.

Once in position, the crane had to lift the 600kg stone slabs from floor level and then move into perfect position for the fitters to install the stonework on the parapet wall.

Despite its compact size, the UNIC URW-094 features a hook height of up to 5.6m, making it ideal for lifting loads at height and within close proximity of the crane.

This versatile mini crane also includes radio remote control and a safe load indicator that enables the operator to set a working area limitation for better control in sensitive environments. The UNIC URW-094 also includes overwinding alarm, computer controlled intelligent voice warning system, intelligent throttle activation and automatic hook stow.

UNIC URW-094 Lifting Stone

UNIC URW-094 Lifting Stone

The UNIC URW-094 has also proven popular for many different projects over the years including steel work, glass, timber, confined lifting and more.

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