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Hydraulica 900CGGR Group provided some of the best and most innovative lifting equipment to help install curved glass at the Royal Opera House in London.

A UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane assisted a Hydraulica 900C glass vacuum lifter with the installation of curved, over-sized glass, at the entrance of this popular performing arts venue in Covent Garden.

These curved glass panels needed a glass vacuum lifter with both strength and versatility making the 838kg capacity Hydraulica 900, the ideal lifter for the job.

With glass panels of nearly 5.7 metres in height and 2.4 metres in width, the Hydraulica 900 was the perfect fit for this big, curved glass installation. This impressive vacuum lifter is built with 30 vacuum suction cups, which are set across two swivel arms for a secure attachment to both convex and concave surfaces.

Benefitting from a powered 90° hydraulic tilt and a 270° lockable rotation, the glass was easily lifted and manoeuvred into place for a perfect installation.

The UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane boasts from a lifting capacity of 2.9 tonnes and had the lifting strength required to lift both the Hydraulica 900 vacuum lifter and the glass panels. Its small working footprint made this mini crane the ideal lifting solution for use in this confined, restricted access working area.

This dynamic duo made a great team with the curved glass panels being installed precision and control.

For more information on the Hydraulica 900 curved vacuum lifter, click here.

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