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At GGR we love a good action blockbuster so can’t wait to see the new James Bond film “Skyfall” and celebrate 007’s 50th anniversary. After some thought we have come to the conclusion that GGR HQ isn’t too different from MI6. Here’s why…

We love cranes, just like 007

The nation’s favourite James Bond stunt, as voted for by Radio Times readers, includes Daniel Craig performing some death-defying stunts on tower cranes in Casino Royale. Bond fights and chases his adversary along a tower crane boom before leaping off it onto another crane. Of course we’d never advise such dangerous crane usage but we’ll let 007 off on this occasion.

We have our own Q Branch

James Bond relies on Q to supply him with some nifty and often lethal gadgets and gizmos for his espionage missions. GGR’s Q Branch is in our workshops where the research and development team are always testing the latest equipment to add to our range and creating bespoke lifting solutions for customers with challenging projects.

If Q Branch were interested in some mounting cups for fixing 007’s laser gun or state of the art smartphone in his Aston Martin DB5, or some vacuum hand cups for scaling a glass building, the GGR Glass online shop is the place to look.

We brave tall towers on international missions

Our UNIC mini spider cranes do all their own stunts, such as reaching the dizzy heights of skyscrapers around the world like London’s Shard and the D1 Tower in Dubai as well as working in exotic locations such as Sheikh Khalifa’s new presidential palace.

We like fast cars

Stylish spy-worthy supercars such as this Aston Martin can be lifted into hard to reach areas with one of GGR’s mini spider cranes and a Car Lifting Hoist. With this lifting method we could make sure that not a scratch would be left on the paintwork of 007’s car, before he manages to blow it up on a mission of course!

So if there was any doubt that working at GGR is like being an international undercover agent, here’s some of the team in their cunning disguises!

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