By: Melissa Nichols On: February 21, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

Ecoism4EditA UNIC URW 094 Spider Crane and a GGR 600 plus Vacuum Lifter were used to lift and place glass on to a brand new stair case, at the Barbican Centre, London.

With thanks to a bit of UNIC spider crane power and GGR patented glass sucker technology, the glass stair case was able to be assembled with ease and precision ready for the grand opening.

For this project, the main role of the spider crane and vacuum lifter was to carefully manoeuvre the glass from the glass trolleys and place in to position for the staircase to be assembled. Each piece of glass weighed up to 240kg, but our mini yet mighty spider crane was easily able lift and move the glass into place, with an extra helping hand from GGR’s 600 plus Vacuum Lifter.

The project took place in a confined space, where glass had to be lowered from the first floor, to the ground floor below, but our super slim, lightweight and compact UNIC 094 Spider Crane was effortlessly able to manoeuvre the glass to its desired location.

The UNIC 094 was able to complete this job with complete precision and accuracy alongside GGR’s unique vacuum lifter attachment, the GGR600 plus. This product features all the benefits of other vacuum lifters, including a 300-600kg safe working load and 360° lockable rotation.  The glazing sucker installation ring can easily clear the narrow space between a façade and scaffolding, yet still allow glass panels to be rotated into position, for accurate installation.

The UNIC URW 094 spider crane delivers unparalleled lifting capacity for its size, capable of handling loads up to 995kgs. The 5.49m long boom offers a maximum hook height of 5.6m and this micro machine is the world’s smallest mini crane of its type.

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