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Kombi 7411A UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane teamed up with a Kombi 7411-DSG7 and an MRTA611 for the replacement of damaged glass panels on an apartment building in London.

GGR Group’s state-of-the-art vacuum lifters have the capabilities to make any tricky glazing work simple and easy.

The damaged glass panels consisted of one curved piece of glass and one flat piece of glass. The curved glass panel weighed in at approximately 520kg whilst the flat glass panel weighed in at approximately 275kg. With two variations of glass, two of the best vacuum lifters were needed for this job.

The Kombi 7411 is the ultimate vacuum lifter for lifting concave and convex glass. Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 750kg and a 90° tilt and 270° rotation, this machine was perfect for precise positioning and safer handling of this curved glass panel.

This curved glass lifter also benefits from four independent vacuum circuits. A quad-circuit vacuum system allows more efficient lifting performance when on site.

Kombi 7411The Woods Powr-Grip MRTA611 boasts a lifting capacity of 500kg and benefits from a six-in-line structure, fitting flat pieces of glass perfectly. Featuring a 180° manual rotation function, as well as a 90° tilt, this glass vacuum lifter is the ultimate machine for effectively lifting flat glass panels.

Boasting a lifting capacity of 2.9 tonnes and a generous lifting height of up to 8.8 metres, the UNIC URW-295 mini spider crane was the perfect partner for the lift, manoeuvre and precision installation of these glass panels.

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