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As glazing has become bigger and heavier the glass industry has had to find a solution for safely moving and installing it. This demand for a more advanced lifting solution brought about the glazing robot. Glazing robots are designed to lift glass using their attached vacuum suction cups, these can be manipulated so they can lift glazing from the ground and precisely place it. The robotic lifting head can also be rotated, tiled, and slewed to various degrees to accommodate a range of lifts. The key features of glazing robots allow you to transport loads around site with powered wheels and terrain adaptability.

Key Features of Glazing Robots

Our range of Glazing Robots at GGR Group have various features all suited to different projects. They come is different capacities, heights, sizes, and are made for different terrains, meaning our customers can select a glass lifting solution which is right for them.

Oscar 600 Glazing Robot installing a mirror.

Oscar 600 Glazing Robot installing a mirror.

High Load Capacity

With a selection of glazing robots available to our customers, we try to accommodate higher glazing masses. Our glazing robots have capacities ranging between 280 to 1500kg, the strongest of which is the Sky Robot 1500. Recently used for glazing Aviva Studios, the Sky Robot is one of our most impressive glass lifters.

Vacuum Technology

Vacuum technology is what allows glazing robots to safely lift and position glazing without marking or damaging the glass. At GGR Group our glazing robots have world-glass vacuum technology designed with users and safety in mind. Many of our products come with dual vacuum circuits such as the smallest in our range, the Oscar 280. The use of dual vacuum circuits enhances the safe lifting of glass as should one vacuum fail then the other circuit will continue to run while you bring the load back down to safety.

Precision and Accuracy

Glazing robots offer precision that is hard to achieve with manual handling or a crane and glass vacuum lifter attachment. Due to features such as the adjustable vacuum pad frame the operator can manipulate the robot to fit different glass sizes. The movable arm and boom of these products makes lifting and placement simple and easy. And a convenient lateral sideshift function means the operator is able to shift glazing into place without needing to completely reposition the robot.

The Advantages of Glazing Robots

With the addition of a Glazing Robot to your job site users can benefit from a range of advantages these machines provide. Reduce the difficulties associated with lifting and installing glass with a product designed to help.

Faster Installation

Glazing Robots are manufactured to provide users with a simple and easier way to lift and install glass, speeding up the entire glazing process. As glass is notoriously difficult to lift safely it means manual handlers often need to take their time and acquire additional help to complete lifting tasks. The addition of a glazing robot to your equipment means that sometimes only one person is needed to lift larger pieces of glass that would normally require two or more people. The combination of this mobile machine and a manoeuvrable head for repositioning glass enables users to quickly move, rotate, tilt, and slew glass.

Improved Quality

The quality of all your glass lifts can be improved with the utilisation of a glazing robot. When relying on manual installation human error naturally occurs. Glazing robots enhance the consistency of any installation as these machines do not get tired and can lift and manipulate loads to the same level every time. Glazing is less likely to become damaged or break as the vacuum technology and strength of these machines keep loads safe. So, when it comes to the final installation glazing is always in prime condition and quality.


Glass often needs lifting in hard-to-reach and confined areas, with the use of a glazing robot you can tackle these various challenges with ease. Some of the key features of glazing robots accommodate the versatility many glazing projects require. At GGR Group our glazing robots are typically compact with an impressive lifting ability. Built for use inside and out they are able to be used on standard jobs as well as on inside-out interior glazing up multiple floors.

Installing glazing with the Oscar 1000 Glazing Robot.

Installing glazing with the Oscar 1000 Glazing Robot.


The key features of glazing robots at GGR Group represent the pinnacle of precision and safety in the glazing industry. The seamless combination of precision and safety offered by GGR Groups Glazing Robots ensures not only successful glazing projects but also a brighter and more sustainable future for the construction industry. To find out more about our range of glass lifting solutions speak to our experts here.

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