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GGR Group, the leading provider of lifting solutions, hosted the Industry Lifting Lead AP Group Open Day at their headquarters in Haddenham. Sponsored by both the group and Skanska, the day was a huge success with well over 200 visitors in attendance – a significant increase compared to previous years. The event offered professionals and innovators the opportunity to discover new and impressive technologies and network with some of the leading experts in the industry.

Throughout the event, visitors were able to view kit demonstrations showcasing innovative products from both GGR Group and some of the biggest names in the lifting industry. Companies also took the stage to share their knowledge on important topics such as lifting safety and the advancement of the industry. Attendees could visit table exhibitors for insightful discussions as well as take advantage of breakout spaces for networking and conversation.

Daniel Ezzatvar, Marketing and Special Products Director at GGR Group commented: “We saw a record number of people in our second year of hosting the Industry Lifting Lead AP Group Open Day. This considerable turnout was a true reflection of all the hard work put into the event and the passion of industry professionals when it comes to innovation.”

David Borley, Chairman and founder of The Industry Lifting Lead AP Group, said: “At the open day we saw a real enthusiasm for products and ideas that will bring the industry into the future. Seeing the interest sparked by the incredible products as well as the networking opportunities brought by the event has made us proud to bring the ILLAPG Open Day to the industry for the second year at GGR Group. It’s clear that our industry is evolving, and it’s inspiring to see so many industry leaders coming together to shape its future.”


Exhibitors and presenters: Emerson Crane Hire Ltd, Laing O’Rourke, ALLMI, NOCN Group, CPA – Construction Plant-hire Association, Skanska, CITB, Liebherr Group, Radius Group, Speedy Services, Ainscough Crane Hire, Lloyds British, Select Plant Hire InspHigher Met Police UK, Xwatch Safety Solutions and GGR Group.

Big kit demonstrations: Ainscough Crane Hire, Flannery Plant Hire, Torquer Lifting Solutions, Crosby® and Hoistech.

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