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g200-2A 12 tonne capacity G120 pick and carry crane was hired from GGR Group to help disassemble a robotic cutting machine for a tooling manufacturer working in the aerospace and automotive industries. The industrial lifting crane worked at an 8 metre height to remove a 1.5 tonne motor which needed to be repaired, using a searcher hook to work underneath the 12 metre tall factory ceiling.

The fume-free, G120 battery powered crane is just 2050mm wide so can easily work in congested and confined indoor areas. The crane was able to get close to the cutting machine and navigate around obstacles thanks to its 180° hydraulic rear wheel drive and steering.


An F200E Plus pick and carry crane, which was already being used for another lifting operation elsewhere on the site, was used to install the reconditioned part a few weeks later. The 20 tonne compact crane was fitted with a 4 tonne hydraulic searcher hook and could easily fit into the restricted working area thanks to its 2.29 metre wide chassis.  The crane worked alongside a spider lift which added fixtures and fittings to secure the new part into place.



Take a look at some more examples of how GGR’s miniature cranes can be used for lifting projects in industrial environments in our Industrial Lifting gallery.

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