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UNIC mini spider cranes are the perfect mini machine for working inbetween floors thanks to their compact size and heavy lifting capacity.

The smaller models in GGR’s range of UNIC mini spider cranes are specifically designed for working in the most hard to reach restricted access areas, our cranes often remain hidden away out of sight in the nooks and crannies of a building.

Although you should keep a look out when you see a new high rise building under construction as you might spot the boom of a UNIC mini crane poking through a window as it helps to glaze and clad the various levels of these multi-level structures. Just like this mini crane installing large glass units to this external facade in London.

UNIC mini cranes are ideal for working in between floors as they can be transported in a goods lift, can easily be moved around obstacles and are flexible enough to work around existing structures. They also have a lightweight chassis so they can work in low point loading areas.

UNIC cranes offer a practical and efficient solution for installation work on skyscrapers in congested areas such as central London and Manchester.  A safe and effective lifting method for glazing, the cranes can be quickly derigged and set up again in a different position to start on a new section of the building.

For more information about how our versatile UNIC mini cranes can help create your super structures please contact our friendly customer services team in your nearest GGR Depot.

T: 0161 683 2580

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