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Having a quality crane for your project is highly important as it can often be the difference between a successful and failed project if you have a crane that doesn’t have the qualities needed or may not be up to scratch physically. With so many factors to check for when choosing a crane, GGR Group, no.1 for lifting solutions, has devised a checklist so you can ensure you’re getting the best quality cranes the industry can offer.

MCC1004 Mini Crawler Crane assisting with building a sewer on the River Thames.

MCC1004 Mini Crawler Crane assisting with building a sewer on the River Thames.

Load Weight

A necessary factor in considering a crane’s quality is how much weight it can hold, whether it is the stationary capacity or pick and carry capacity. With choosing your crane you need to review the weight of what you need to lift and check the rated loads chart of the crane. By looking at this you will be able to see what weight the crane can lift as different heights and its static and mobile capabilities.

Some of our strongest cranes are our Mini Crawler Cranes range which can lift up to 10 tonnes. These cranes can be trusted to deliver heavy-duty lifting power with the assurance of a high-quality machine. One of our more popular Mini Crawler Cranes is the MCC1004, or highest capacity lifter that also comes with a Euro Stage V engine which means this crane is free to operate inside of London’s Low Emission Zone.

Lift Height

This is also another factor to consider as height is a big reason that people use cranes in the first place. If you choose a crane that struggles to achieve height or perhaps can only extend the boom at a slow pace, then your job can run the issue of being completed too slowly. Choosing a crane that is not only tall enough for the project but can also reach those heights reliably is a necessary feature of your crane.

An example of a crane that can reliably reach great heights is the UNIC Mini Spider Crane. However, this range comes in different sizes, and while they all reach impressive heights for their compact size they may not all be suitable for your project. Our smallest, the URW-094, has a max working height of 5.6 metres and while impressive is easily out lifted by our largest Mini Spider Crane, the URW-1006, which can reach up to 22.8 metres – that’s equivalent to a 5-story building.


There isn’t much point in getting a crane to only realise later that the quality isn’t there which is why it is always important to thoroughly inspect your crane before using it. You should start with a visual inspection of the crane to spot any obvious signs of damage such as rust, degradation of the wire rope, and other larger issues. You should also check for any electrical issues including controls that don’t work or temperamental electrics. Next, you should move on to a lift test as well as try out any other features to make sure it is all working normally. Issues that could be presented are issues with retracting the boom or being unable to drive the crane.

GGR Group are always sure to inspect our equipment before handing it over to a customer, ensuring the best possible quality. Our cranes are produced to be reliable with quality assurance so you will never have to worry about any nasty surprises.

UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane offshore in Scotland.

UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane offshore in Scotland.


It’s all good and well having a crane with great features but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform well. It is important to choose your crane from a reputable company with performance and quality reassurances for your peace of mind. Companies with this will typically only supply cranes with great performance as well as check the performance is up to scratch before offering it to you.

At GGR Group we only deal with products and cranes that we know we would want to use ourselves and will bring pride to the company. The performance of our cranes is always a guaranteed factor when renting and buying a crane from a company that is no.1 for lifting solutions.

To receive more advice on choosing a quality crane you can speak to one of our experts by phone or by clicking here.

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