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Industry cranes come in more than one type and are designed for a multitude of uses. They can be used for anything from on the line in a factory to lifting at insane heights for building a skyscraper. With so many crane types it can be useful to try to know all of them so you know exactly what type you need when a job pops up.

Did you know there are over 200,000 cranes around the world?

With over 20 crane types available on the market, how many can you name?

Below we have 4 of the crane types we supply here at GGR Group.

An Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot being lifted by a UNIC ECO-706 Mini Spider Crane.

An Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot being lifted by a UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane.

Mini Spider Cranes

These cranes are one of the more unique designs that someone unfamiliar with industry cranes may not immediately realise is a crane. Its spider-like outriggers give this crane its name and its best feature. The super strong legs provide this crane type with extra strength and stability by providing the crane with a wider centre of gravity, opposing the crane’s small stature that would suggest it has little strength.

The Mini Spider Crane’s size and ability to be folded into a box shape makes its design advantageous to all difficult access sites as it can easily be driven through tight spaces and lifted onto high buildings. It also comes with hard-wearing tracks for easy use on the roughest terrain so you can use your spider crane wherever you need it.

Our Mini Spider Cranes also come with an electric alternative so you can truly use these machines anywhere. One of the ECO crane’s projects  was at a hotel installing canopy glazing where it produced no fumes but still showed off its equal lifting ability to its diesel twin.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Don’t choose between compactness and lifting power with this machine, it is the perfect combination for a truly versatile product. The cranes are ideal for a range of lifting jobs that need plenty of strength but don’t necessarily have the space to accommodate larger models of plant. Coming with a wide base, hydraulic blade, and high-gradeability tracks they are also ideal for all your outdoor work.

One of our best Mini Crawler Cranes is the Sunward MCC1004 which can also be used in London’s Low Emission Zone because of its Euro Stage V engine. This crane comes with a 10-tonne lifting capacity and a 7.5-tonne pick and carry capacity, ideal for all lifting duties on site.

Pick and Carry Cranes

Most of the Pick and Carry Cranes we supply have the perk of rear hydraulic steering which reduces the crane’s turning arc and enhances this crane’s manoeuvrability – a great feature when it comes to shifting loads around site. This crane has complete independent stability so has no need for outriggers, meaning this crane is able to easily transport loads. They also come with a rechargeable battery for a zero-emissions option for your lifting project.

At a recent project the GF42 Pick and Carry Crane used its enhanced manoeuvrability and small size to install glazing at an awkward angle. The 180˚ rear hydraulic steering meant it could achieve the perfect angle for installing the glass in such a small and awkward recess.

Trailer Cranes

Starworker 1600 lifting glass.

Starworker 1600 lifting glass.

These cranes are ideal for travelling as you can easily attach the machine to the back of your vehicle and get on your way to your job, unlike many other cranes which would require being loaded and can sometimes make transport awkward. They come with a radio remote control as standard providing you with full control from wherever the operator stands. The specially designed outriggers provide the crane with the ultimate stability for working on slopes and lifting heavier loads.

Our Starworker 1600 was featured in a glazing project at a university building in Newcastle. The crane showed off its uniquely flexible fly jib when needing to reach angles at a height to place the glass on the roof. This crane also has a self-levelling mechanism to make positioning it for a lift easy and there is a slide-out engine for convenient maintenance.

GGR Group are no.1 for lifting solutions and supply the best industry cranes on the market. All the cranes listed above are available from all three of our depots in the UK for you to rent and buy. To find out more about these products speak to our expert team today by phone or by clicking here.

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