By: Kelly Holdaway On: September 11, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

It was a tight squeeze but our operators are up for any parking challenge!  It looks like one of our Unic mini cranes has been playing a game of Twister recently whilst undertaking essential maintenance work on a gas methane plant in Scotland.

With a width of just 600mm, the extremely compact Unic URW-095 mini crane was easily transported around the methane plant to its final lifting location where an old fan unit needed to be replaced. This facility is a source of renewable energy as it captures the methane gas generated from the waste at the landfill site so that it can be converted into fuel.

The mini spider crane’s outriggers were carefully positioned around other machinery on site so it could get close enough to lift the load within the restricted access fenced off area. The crane quickly removed the old 500kg fan before lifting the new replacement part into position so it could be installed by a team of engineers.

Read more about GGR Group’s mini cranes taking on challenging lifting operations in another renewable energy facility, Scotland’s largest biomass energy plant in Barkip.

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