By: Melissa Nichols On: September 22, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

IMG_0621One of the leading vacuum lifters on the market, the Hydraulica 1200 was commissioned to help with a reglaze on a domestic property in Cheshire.

With a generous 1200kg lifting capacity combined with a 90 degree powered hydraulic tilt, the Hydraulica 1200 is the perfect vacuum lifter for lifting and manoeuvring large pieces glass into hard to reach locations.

Firstly, the Hydraulica 1200 was used to remove the two damaged pieces of glass from the property before the new sheets of glass were attached to a mobile crane. The glass, measuring 5 metres by 2 metres, was then lifted from the front of the house, manoeuvred over the top and lowered to its install location at the back of the property.

IMG_0625Once the crane had lowered the glass to ground level in a horizontal position, the Hydraulica 1200’s 270 degree manual rotation and hydraulic 90 degree tilt took over to rotate the 860kg oversized glass into an upright, vertical position ready to be installed.

This high quality vacuum lifter also includes cable remote control for vacuum suction application and release, as well as operating the power tilt function remotely. Four extension arms are included for larger loads, making it one of the most versatile vacuum lifters on the market.

The manual rotation and hydraulic tilt mean that the glass was able to be installed with ease and precision.

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