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UNIC URW-506 lifting letter signage

A UNIC mini spider crane hired from GGR Group was used to install some large green lettering outside a new store for a major UK supermarket chain – no prizes for guessing which one!

A 3 tonne capacity UNIC URW-506 mini crane made this job as easy as ABC, lifting each of the 2 metre tall letters into position in the limited space available alongside this Asda store. The UNIC crane was fitted with a 700kg combined fly jib and searcher hook which provided some extra reach for installing the signage at a 4 metre height.

UNIC mini crane installing supermarket sign

A mini crane operator and an installation team on an access platform made sure that the supermarket’s name was securely fixed into place.

GGR’s lifting equipment is often used to help install signage or advertising screens in restricted access areas. A UNIC crane helped to install 3D advertising screens in Birmingham, a pair of Glassmax hoists lifted LED screens in Gatwick airport and a HOMER robot fitted stone signage at the entrance to the Museum of Liverpool.

UNIC mini crane with searcher hook lifting signTake a look at our case study to see how some of GGR’s other lifting solutions were used on supermarket jobs.


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