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Mini cranes on schools projectsCan you believe that summer is over and it’s back to school time already?

As a new term starts and students of all ages go back to their schools and colleges ready for a brand new term, here’s a look at how GGR’s restricted access equipment has been used in corridors, classrooms, campuses and playgrounds for tricky lifting tasks.

UNIC mini cranes

UNIC mini spider cranes both big and small have been used for lifting glazing, steelwork, cladding and even staircases at everywhere from nurseries to universities around the UK.

With their generous lifting height and working radius, UNIC mini cranes can get to hard to reach areas which other cranes can’t. This UNIC URW-706 mini crane was used to install highly insulated composite cladding panels to the roof of Top Days Nursery in Portsmouth.


UNIC cranes at York boarding schoolA smaller UNIC URW-095 was hired to work at Redhill Primary School in Cannock where unitised glazing needed to be installed in some very tight spots. The spider crane worked inside the school’s corridors and classrooms which were being constructed.

Erecting heavy steel beams at this North Yorkshire boarding school was simple with the lifting power of two 6 tonne capacity UNIC URW-706 mini cranes.


UNIC URW-095 and UNIC URW-376 mini crane models were also used at Edge Hill University on multiple levels to fit glazing to the building’s lift shaft.

UNIC spider crane glazing lift shaft

GGR’s UNIC mini cranes have also been hired to complete lifting projects at…

Pick and carry cranes

The smallest pick and carry model in GGR’s range of battery powered cranes has been used for glazing work in restricted access areas of schools and colleges in the past.

G20 crane installing glazing

The 2 tonne capacity G20 was used with an MRTA6 to lift 220kg unitised glass panels in the courtyard area of Brandon Primary School in County Durham.  The same model crane was also hired to work in the corridors of the Richard Hoggart Building at Goldsmith’s College, University of London, installing glass panels inside internal arches.

Crawler Cranes

GGR’s new 4.9 tonne capacity MCC495 mini crawler crane was hired to install large glazed units to the ground floor of a new campus building at the University of Greenwich recently. Using a Hydraulica 1200-A vacuum lifter to handle the panels, the crawler crane was able to travel down the tight gap between the building and the hoarding.

Mini crawler crane at university

Vacuum lifters

Our wide variety of vacuum lifters are often hired for handling glass, stone and cladding on school, college and university construction projects.

Stone Magnet at LJMU

GGR’s Stone Magnet vacuum lifter has a constant running vacuum system and closed cell foam lipped pads to safely lift stone loads such as these cladding panels at Liverpool John Moores University.

GGR came up with an innovative lifting solution for handling long balustrade glass panels to fit onto a bridge at Pembroke College, Oxford. Two MRTA611 Six-in-Line vacuum lifters were combined using a Modular Spreader Beam to safely lift the lengthy units.

MRTA611 lifters at Pembroke College

Robots & Overhang Beams

Our glazing robots and overhang beams have also proven their lifting potential on the trickiest of jobs at university and college campuses.

GGR’s EMU robot was hired to fit inner lobby doors at the University of Greenwich campus, working underneath a low ceiling to effortlessly install the 5.45 metre tall 400kg units.

EMU & Libro working on university campus buildings

To take on the challenge of fitting high-level curved glass units to a campus building at Wakefield College, GGR recommended a Libro 500 overhang beam fitted with a special curved vacuum lifting head.

To find out more about how our cranes, robots and lifters can help you with your construction and maintenance projects please contact our friendly customer service team at your local depot.

GGR can also educate you on how to get the most out of your lifting equipment on our accredited training courses for compact cranes and vacuum lifters. For more information about the courses we have on offer visit our Training page or contact us.

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