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GGR’s Hydraulica vacuum lifter in central London

When it comes to installing the biggest glass panels, GGR’s Hydraulica vacuum lifter range have the power and span required to handle these expensive units with care. Here’s how GGR’s Hydraulica vacuum lifter helped to install some oversized glass panels on two projects in central London recently.

The Hydraulica 2000 and a UNIC URW-506 mini spider crane were hired to spend a week installing large format glazed units at street level for the reception area of a new auction house in Mayfair. This 2000kg capacity glass sucker lifted a number of glass panels, the largest weighing 976kg and measuring in at 5.8 metres tall and 2.4 metres wide.

GGR’s Hydraulica vacuum lifter  2000kg capacity

With its 210° lockable rotation function, the dual circuit Hydraulica 2000 was able to lift the units from their glass stillage and rotate them into a vertical position ready for installation. The 26-pad lifter’s frame spans a massive 3.7 metres, meaning that it has the pad spread required to safely handle these large format units.

The Hydraulica 2000 was also used for a replacement glazing job on the ground floor of a London skyscraper recently. A battery powered G70 pick and carry crane provided the lifting power to move the Hydraulica lifter and the 663kg glass load from the stillage to the installation point inside the building. The G70 crane was fitted with a 2000kg capacity searcher hook to lift to a 5 metre maximum height. GGR’s contract lift team spent two night shifts installing the 7.5 metre tall glass units.

In the past the 2000kg Hydraulica lifter has helped install large format skylights and swimming pool glass in restricted access environments. For handling even larger and heavier glass loads take a look at the higher capacity lifters in our range, the Hydraulica 2500 and Hydraulica 2600 Quad-Circuit Compact models.

GGR’s vacuum lifters, including the Hydraulica 2000-A, are available to hire and buy from GGR Group. Contact your nearest depot for more information about how our glass vacuum lifters can help with your glazing project.


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