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Safely installing glazing using a crane can be challenging, especially without a glass vacuum lifter. However, with the proper glass accessories, you can get the proper assistance you need to keep yourself and your glazing safe.

By using GGR Group’s unique glass lifting accessories glass and other materials on site can be easily manoeuvred from A to B.

What Is An A-Frame?

When transporting glass, it is important to position it at a safe angle of 3-5 degrees from the vertical. This ensures the glass is kept safe; if the angle is too small the glass will be unstable and more likely to fall over. When the angle is too great the glass can begin to bow. This also applies to storing glass as well as transporting it.

An a-frame is a support frame designed especially for holding glass in the correct position. These frames can either be static or movable. The frames are typically in the shape of an ‘A’ with either angled side typically having a 5-degree lean.

Large Liftable A Frame

Large Liftable A Frame

Glass Tow

This battery-operated glass transport pulley has been specially designed with rubber wheels for travelling safely over various terrain types. Under a full 400kg load it can work on gradients of up to 10%. The easy-reach controls on the handle allow you to stop and start the Glass Tow at the touch of a button. When fully charged you can transport a full load up to 12 miles. With the built-in ‘body bump’ safety feature the tow will back up away from the operator if it bumps into the operator.

Folding Trolley Frame

The Folding Trolley Frame is perfect for transporting glass when you don’t have a lot of storage space or are always on the go with the frame. You can fold this wheeled frame down so you can easily slide it into your van or storage space.

The frame has thick rubber pads for safely resting your loads and preventing any bumps when travelling. With swivelling wheels, you can move your glazing in any direction for easily manoeuvring loads across site. Each wheel also comes with four brakes, so the Folding Trolley Frame doesn’t roll away.


Our A-Frames at GGR Group come in various designs and sizes to suit the needs of every customer – we even have the option of a custom-built A-Frame. Some of our more popular A-Frames are the standard small and large ones we supply. However, we also have Liftable A-Frames which include forklift points and lifting eyes which allow you to lift your A-Frame with a selection of different machines such as telehandlers and cranes.

For glass of various sizes, we also have the High Side Liftable A-Frame and Extra Long Liftable A-Frame. This accommodates glazing with extra length or height so all of your loads can be safe.

Tilting Glass Trolley 600 holding glass at the Trafford Centre.

Tilting Glass Trolley 600 holding glass at the Trafford Centre.

Their forklift points and lifting eyes also make them the perfect partner alongside cranes and other machinery.


At GGR Group we have specialised in glass lifting services for over 25 years. For more information on our products or to speak to an expert contact us here.

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